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Best  HIV AIDS Hospitals in Maharashtra India. Under the guidance of eminent Dr Hiraman more  with vast experience under their belt  suman hospital endeavors to provide affordable and excellent care to HIV positive patients. In association with several NGO it also works among vulnerable groups educating them about the disease and its prevention including spreading awareness about safe sexual intercourse practices. The Suman  hospital has a team of experienced doctors who specialize in various treatments and are serving the society with relentless efforts. The Hospital also has well equipped state of the art laboratories with trained medical technicians. Under the guidance of Chief  Dr Hiraman more    

  • • Long term consultation (telephone consultation, personal consultation for 1 year/5 years)
  • • HIV/AIDS Counseling
  • • HIV/AIDS Testing
  • • HIV/AIDS Day care
  • • Medical admission, surgical and Gynecological operations on HIV/ AIDS
  • • Drugs: ART {Anti-Retroviral Therapy} For AIDS patients.

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Best HIV AIDS Hospitals in Maharashtra

comprehensive care for AIDS patients. It offers a huge variety of services under one roof at affordable price with single motivation of bringing smile of the faces of patients. You can avail following services here:

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