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Our Core Services

You can avail following services under one roof at affordable cost

HIV/AIDS Counseling

Long term consultation Telephone consultation upto 1 year

HIV/AIDS Testing

HIV AIDS Testing under one roof at affordable cost

Drugs: ART

(Anti-Retroviral Therapy) For AIDS patients.

24/7 Support

team of experienced doctors who specialize in various treatments.

HIV/AIDS Day care

specialist doctors with rich experience

Operations on HIV/ AIDS

Surgical and Gynecological operations .

Healthy Foods

Let food be the medicine and medicine be thy food

Intensive Care

Provide World Class Medical Service.

We Diagnose & Treat

Unique Problems in Our Research Center

Under the guidance of Chief Doctor Dr Hiraman More, mentor and philanthropist, HIV specialist doctor Dr Hiraman More who with his rich experience of 20 years has successfully led the Suman Hospital to become a beacon (Lighthouse) in comprehensive care for AIDS patients.

More Services

Medical Services

HIV/AIDS Consultation

Medical Advices

Long term consultation (telephone consultation, personal consultation for 1 year/5 years)

Highly Professional

surgical and Gynecological operations on HIV/ AIDS